WashBar Itch Soothe Topical Spray, 125ml - Happy Hoomans
WashBar Itch Soothe Topical Spray, 125ml - Happy Hoomans

WashBar Itch Soothe Topical Spray, 125ml


Product Information



When your dog is suffering from itchy skin, it’s important to stop the scratching to begin the healing process.  Start by spraying them with WashBar Itch Soothe Topical Spray for instant relief, and then use the shampoo for bathing.

The spray uses three powerful bio-active botanical extracts to help soothe and calm dogs’ itchy, sore skin and stop excessive scratching, chewing, biting and licking:

  • Anethole (a natural pain relief)
  • Quercetin (a natural antihistamine
  • Vitamin C (a natural healer)


Key Features/ Benefits:

  • Designed to help relieve itching across a range of conditions
  • Made from a powerful blend of bio-active botanical extracts designed to quickly relieve itching & scratching as well as soothe sore and inflamed skin
  • 100% Natural - completely free of any nasties, synthesised ingredients or artificial fragrances & alcohol-free 
  • The topical spray provides convenient instant relief to itching
  • Comes in a small spray bottle to make it easy to carry, and apply without the mess on fingers
  • Safe for pet owners who suffer from allergies or irritations as the ingredients are all natural


Other Info:

  • Suitable for All Dogs
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Net Volume: 125ml



Water, Manuka Hydrosol, Kanuka Hydrosol, Lavender Pure EssentialOil, Karanja Oil, Kakadu (Vitamin C) Extract, Aniseed Myrtle (Anethole) Extract, Guinea Flower (Quercetin) Extract



  • Shake bottle and spray liberally onto any area where the dog is itching, irritated or the skin is red
  • For dogs with thicker coats part the hair as you spray to ensure skin contact
  • Apply as often as required until itching settles