About Us

Happy Hoomans = Happy Pets
(It's a cycle!)

Yes, we are here to ensure that every hooman is well taken care of before they can give their best to their pets! And we know that for all you hoomans, nothing is more important than the well-being of your pets. So for us, we're taking this mission into our own hands and we are dedicated to going the extra-mile in becoming your go-to online destination for all your pet food and supply needs!

Based in the sunny island of Singapore, Happy Hoomans offers an extensive range of pet supplies for both cats and dogs. We believe that every pet is different, and so are their Hoomans. Whether you're the big-hearted one with many under one roof or the health conscious one who is particular in the food you give, we're here to help you make choices best suited for you and your pets. 

Aside from loving our pets, we also emphasize on taking care of our earth, and that is why we are going green in ways that we can. 

Being our customer, you are also helping mother earth with green efforts such as:

- Saving the trees with digital receipt 
- Order items to be packed in carton boxes or recyclable bags 
- Having a selection of environmentally friendly products

    A small change can make a big difference. Together we can make this good. :)

    We hope that you have gotten to know us a little better and we look forward to having you as our customer!


    - With our 3 meowsketeers, 
    Skippy, Stormy & Chummy