Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Cat Litter System (WIDE)

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Product Information


Introducing the No.1 Cat toiletry brand in Japan, Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Litter System Kitten type comes with a lower front entry for kitten to easy access, and it can simply & effectively eliminate odour from your home with Japanese innovative dual odour block layer design, leaving your closed room smells fresh even after a week. 


Key Features/ Benefits:

  • No.1 Cat Toiletry Brand in Japan
  • Low front entry for kittens
  • Superior Odour Control, Easy to Clean
  • Bottom layer absorbent pad change ONCE a Week*
  • Top layer Zeolite pellet change ONCE a Month*
  • Top layer antibac zeolite pellet no clumps, lock moisture immediately and keep surface dry
  • Bottom Layer antibac absorbent pads absorb urine and prevent the unpleasant smell
  • Monitor cat health condition through urine colour on bottom layer pad
  • Pull & rotatable bottom tray


    Other Info:

    • Made in Japan
    • Each system house comes with:
      • 1x Litter scoop
      • 2x Zeolite Pellets Litter Refill 2L (2 months usage)
      • 1x Absorbent Pads 4pcs (1 month usage)