Unicharm Deo-Toilet Half-Cover Mint Blue Cat Litter System House

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Product Information


The UniCharm Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Cat Litter System (Half Cover) is intended to make it an absolute breeze to clean up after your cat. The unique dual-tier configuration of the UniCharm Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Cat Litter System (Half Cover) incorporates the creative use of zeolite and silica-based cat litter to extend the mileage of your cat litter, thus effectively removing unwanted odours from the litter box.

Your cat's pee will pass through the micro-porous pellets to a highly absorbent sheet below. The sheet will absorb and locks away all liquid and odour instantly. The result? A litter box that is always clean and dry!


Key Features/ Benefits:

  • Superior odour control, easy to clean design
  • Pull & rotatable bottom tray
  • Top layer pellet allows urine flow smoothly to the bottom deck, keeping it dry & clean
  • Bottom Layer absorbent sheet absorbs urine and prevents any unpleasant smell


    Other Info:

    • Product Dimensions: 52.5cm (W) x 40cm (D) x 26cm (H)
    • Made in Japan
    • Each system house comes with:
      • 1x Litter scoop
      • 1x Zeolite Pellets Litter Refill 2L (1 month usage)
      • 1x Absorbent Pads 4pcs (1 month usage)


    Product Material:

    Cat litter box system (Polypropylene), Topdeck pellet (Zeolite, Silica gel), Bottom deck sheet (Polyolefin nonwoven fabric, cotton-like pulp, Water absorbing paper, Polymeric water-absorbing material, Polyethylene film, Antibacterial agent, Hot melt adhesive, Deodorant microcapsule with fragrance).



    • Top layer pellet only need to change once a month**
    • Bottom layer absorbent sheet only need to change once a week**