Unicharm Deo-Toilet Full-Cover Cat Litter System House

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Product Information


Unicharm's Deo-Toilet is an innovative, dual-tier litter system that provides superior odour control and more mileage for your litter. This litter system is easy to clean and requires less litter change, which means more time savings for busy cat parents.


Key Features/ Benefits:

  • Dual-layer odour control with Zeolite pellets on top and an absorbent pad deck below
  • Change litter and pad only ONCE a week
  • Wide space and low front design for easy entry into litter box
  • Rotatable tray allows full utilisation of pad


    Other Info:

    • Measurements: 55.5 x 42 x 42.5cm (WxDxH)
    • Each system house comes with:
      • 1x Litter scoop
      • 1x Zeolite Pellets Litter Refill 2L (1 month usage)
      • 1x Absorbent Pads 4pcs (1 month usage)