The Honest Kitchen - One Pot Stew Braised Beef & Lamb Stew with Green Beans & Sweet Potatoes, 10.5oz


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We believe that health starts with human grade, whole foods. We teamed up with a chef to make this chunky, hearty stew with ranch raised beef, grass fed lamb, green beans, sweet potatoes and a hint of thyme.

All are packed in BPA-free box that is convenient to open and re-close after use for easy storage. It’s also made with sustainable materials certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and is recyclable in most curbside pickups.

It’s served as a complete meal or healthy topper to mix in. It helps boost your pup’s health and happiness from the inside out.

  • Complete & Balanced for Puppies & Adult Dogs
  • Wet Dog Food Pate
  • Easy to Use Box


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