[SALE] Ciao Assorted Soup Pouch Wet Cat Food, 40g

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Product Information

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The tantalizing flavor and aroma of CIAO Soup Pouch will have even the choosiest cats begging for more. Not to mention, it's a purr-fectly paw-some way to make sure your furry pals stay hydrated. Add this on and make their main meal extra flavourful!


Key Benefits/ Features:

  • Easy to eat: simply tear open the pouch and pour!
  • Can be used as a topper to increase palatability, or as a light meal!
  • Contains green tea extract with antioxidant properties
  • Excellent source of hydration
  • Cage-free chicken and deep-sea tuna
  • Human-grade quality ingredients 


Other Info:

  • Suitable for Cats of All life stages 
  • Net Weight: 40g
  • Clear Soup Range
    • Tuna (Maguro) & Scallop Topping Chicken Fillet
    • Tuna (Katsuo) & Scallop Topping Chicken Fillet
    • Chicken Fillet & Scallop
    • Chicken Fillet & Maguro Topping Dried Bonito
    • Chicken Fillet Topping Dried Bonito
    • Chicken Fillet & Maguro Topping Scallop with Fiber
  • Creamy Soup Range
    • Tuna (Maguro) & Chicken Fillet Scallop Flavour
    • Tuna (Maguro) & Chicken Fillet Topping Shirasu
    • Tuna (Katsuo) & Chicken Fillet Topping Dried Bonito
    • Chicken Fillet Scallop Flavour
    • Chicken Fillet with Crabstick Scallop Flavour


    Feeding Guidelines:

    Great as a complementary meal or food topper.