Urine Off Dogs Formula Urine Cleaner Spray, 500ml

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Product Information


  • Urine Off is formulated to destroy urine, permanently removing urine from all hard and soft surfaces
  • #1 choice with vets and carpet institutes
  • Permanently eliminates urine odour and stains and discourages territory marking behaviour
  • Urine Off uses a combination of naturally occurring micro-organisms and their enzymes to digest the uric acid crystals


    Proprietary ingredients contains enzymes (bio enzymatic technology).

    Directions for Use:

    General Directions: Shake well before used. Never dilute or use with other cleaners. Always check for colorfastness of surface in a discreet spot. Remove excess wet urine with paper towel. Saturate soiled areas with Urine-Off. Allow to air dry - do not scrub. Remove residue using water sparingly and blot with paper towel.

    Hard Surfaces: Wipe up urine. Spray surface and allow to air dry. Wipe up residue using water and absorbent paper towel. For old, dried deposits, repeat application on subsequent days until odour is gone.