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QQ Kit Recyclable Paper Green Tea Cat Litter, 7L


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Product Information


Recycled paper-based is lightweight, about 75% less than clay-based litter. In order to produce paper litter, post-consumer paper is re-pulped, de-inked, and screened. During the re-pulping process, the fibers are de-watered, pelletized, dried, combined with the natural deodorizing agent (alternative charcoal or coffee dregs or tea leave dregs) mixture naturally neutralize the cat's odour.  

Key Benefits:

  • Dust free and will not harm your cat's respiratory system
  • Neutralizes cat's waste odour
  • Highly absorbent, clumping granules also inhibits bacterial growth
  • The size of granules is about right since it would not stick to the cat's paws when it leaves the box
  • Made in Japan

Usage Guidelines:

  • Once the small granule litter comes in contact with liquid, it will stick together to form a clump.
  • Remove the clumps, and then add more litters to the box, eliminating the need to refill it with every cleaning.


  • This paper litter clump is also flushable in small quantities; alternatively, it can be disposed into any compost bin or incinerated.


    QQ Kit Recyclable Paper Green Tea Cat Litter, 7L