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Honey Care Tofu Litter, 6L


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Product Information

Key Benefits:

  • Fast clumping
  • Dust-Free
  • No odour, no tracking
  • Safe for both humans & pets
  • Strong absorption of liquid waste
  • Flushable in small quantity, dissolves easily in water

    Other Info:

    • Net Weight: 6L


    1. Use scissors to cut open the bag along the dotted line. Fill your litter box to 5-6cm deep.
    2. Remove soiled litter clumps with litter scoop before replenishing with fresh litters.
    3. Litter clumps can be disposed of in the toilet. Do not flush more than 80cc at once to prevent clogging the toilet bowl.

    Storage Guidelines:

    Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


      Honey Care Tofu Litter, 6L