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Catidea Deodorising & Grooming Cat Wipes (2 Sizes)


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Product Information

Remove Tear Stains: Place the cat wipe on your forefinger & wipe outwards the eyes to remove tear stains and dirt

Ear Cleaning: Hold your cat’s chin gently to provide head support. Gently wipe around your cat’s ear to remove any ear wax & dirt to prevent ear infection and mite problem

Mouth & Nose Cleaning: Get rid of food dirt & stain around your cat’s mouth nose and whiskers

Anus Cleaning: Remove any discharge or faeces with wipes

Paw Cleaning: Gently wipe your cat’s paw to soften and remove dirt to regain their pink paw pad

Coat Cleaning: Gently wipe your cat’s coat in the direction of fur growth to remove dirt & grease.


Catidea Deodorising & Grooming Cat Wipes (2 Sizes)