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Aixia Kin-can Rich Tuna with Chicken Wet Cat Food, 70g


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Product Information


Aixia is derived from ‘ai’, the Japanese word for ‘love’, and ‘xia’ from ‘shiawase’, which translates to the word ‘happiness’. Together, it means "To Love is Happiness". Close attention is paid to the ingredients of our products, ensuring the happiness of both humans and the household animals that they love.

Aixia's Kin-Can Rich Series is the gold standard of cat canned food that is made with premium quality of maguro (tuna) in a brand new RICH gravy. 

Key Benefits/ Features:

  • Especially good for cats with poor diet or poor appetite
  • Improves skin and coat
  • Made with the highest quality of Tuna
  • Promotes digestion and lowers faecal odour
  • Helps in better absorption of protein
  • Human-grade formula

    Other Info:

    • For Cats of All life stages
    • Net Weight: 70g
    • Available in 6 Recipes


      Fish (Tuna, Fish extract etc.), Chicken Fillet toppings, Protein hydrolysate, Yeast extracts, Lactosucrose, Thickening agent (xanthan gum), Seasoning, Xylose, Vitamin E


      Aixia Kin-can Rich Tuna with Chicken Wet Cat Food, 70g