AaPet Catnip Lollipop Cat Toy


Product Information


AaPet Catnip Lollipop is made up of organically grown leaf and natural matatabi stick. With the perfect combination, it has multiple benefits for your Furkids. It can generate excitement, helping them to relieve stress and stabilize their blood pressure. Matatabi has a rough texture like bark that can help to improve their dental health by naturally exfoliating plaque from their teeth, ending halitosis. AaPet Catnip Lollipop is healthy, zero calorie and do not contain any chemical additives or preservation. It is packed in an airtight zip lock bags with silica gel to ensure freshness. The perfect size for licking and chewing.


Key Features/ Benefits:

  • Promote exercise and gastrointestinal motility
  • Fresh Breath and clean teeth
  • Boost emotional and physical well being
  • High level of vitamins and minerals


Other Info:

  • Twice or thrice a week, 1 stick at a time
  • Peel off the outer layer to recover the function after using for some time
  • Individual packed in airtight Ziplock bag with Silica Gel
  • 1 stick per pack