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Kong Pursuit Whirlwind Cat Toy


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Product Information


KONG Purrsuit Whirlwind entices a cat's chase and capture play by unpredictably spinning itself across hard surfaces while actively twitching its long tail. This irresistible invitation sparks a cat's stalk and pounce instincts for extended bouts of solo fun. 


Key Benefits/Features:

  • Unpredictable action entices solo play
  • Wiggly, long tail triggers hunting instincts
  • Quietly glides, inviting chase & capture fun
  • Uniquely designed to bump out from corners
  • Auto timer stops toy after 15 minutes to save batteries
  • Batteries included


Other Info:
  • Suitable for Cats of All life stages
  • Made in the USA

*Note: KONG's 30-day money-back guarantee is not applicable to purchases made in Singapore.


        Kong Pursuit Whirlwind Cat Toy