[25% OFF] Food For The Good Assorted Pet Treats

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Flavour: Air-dried Chicken Breast 300g

Air-dried Chicken Breast 300g
Air-dried Duck Breast 300g
Air-dried Sweet Potato 600g
Freeze-dried Chicken Breast 70g
Freeze-dried Duck Breast 70g
Freeze-dried Mackerel 70g
Freeze-dried Salmon 70g
Freeze-dried Purple Sweet Potato 100g

Product Information


Food For The Good treats are high in protein, suitable for both dogs and cats. Made from 100% natural ingredients.

Key Features/ Benefits:

  • Gently Air-dried/ Freeze-dried to retain nutrients and flavour
  • Grain-free, gluten-free
  • Without any added preservatives and antibiotics


Other Info:

  • Suitable for Cats & Dogs of All life stages